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What Do IV Bars Do?

What Do IV Bars Do?

We’re all familiar with bars, those establishments where the drinks are the main attraction rather than the cuisine. While bars have served as social hubs for quite some time, they now need to watch out for a new type of establishment: IV Bars. Vitamin infusion is the latest craze at fitness clubs, with vitamin-filled intravenous drip bags offered at bars instead of traditional beverages.

IV vitamin drips at “drip bars” are promoted for a wide range of benefits, including but not limited to the treatment of hangovers, improved athletic performance, rehydration, anti-aging, immune system support, fat loss, detoxification, and reduced stress. Even though IV therapy is the main draw in these lounges, other treatments may also be given. Vitamin shots and even DNA analysis are often offered at IV clinics. It’s also worth noting that certain spas and health clubs now provide IV therapy rooms for their patrons.

Menus In Drip Bars

IV lounges frequently offer a treatment menu of different drip bags. Each contains beneficial components, including vitamins and minerals, to help you feel your best. The following are examples of possible ingredients:

  • Vitamin B12: Methylcobalamin, or vitamin B12, is essential for developing healthy red blood cells. It may also assist in the conservancy of normal brain function.
  • Vitamin C: Thanks to its antioxidant and vitamin properties, it helps keep you healthy by intensifying your immune system and hindering aging.
  • Zinc: It has been found that the mineral zinc aids in the healing of wounds and may also serve as a defense agent against infection.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium mineral is essential for DNA and RNA synthesis in the body. Furthermore, it aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • B Complex: The B vitamins help the enzymes in your body do their jobs, making them vital for things like carbohydrate metabolism and nutrition transport. The B vitamins have intricate interrelationships that are crucial to brain health.

If the configuration permits, you may also be able to add your ingredients to the drip bag’s contents. For extreme pain brought on by food poisoning or the flu, your doctor may recommend an NSAID in addition to a Myers’ Cocktail.

What you pay for a drip bar depends on the intravenous treatment you select and any unique components you require. Some IV bars could be more expensive than others because they use more expensive ingredients. If you need IVs regularly for health support or symptom management, membership packages at an IV drip lounge can help you save money on treatment.

The Drip Bar Experience

At the beginning of each session, patients at IV Bars are required to sign a waiver. If you’re seeing a doctor, they’ll likely ask about any medications or supplements you’re taking and your overall health history.

The technician will talk to you before starting the IV treatment. Your doctor can select the best vitamin and mineral combination for your IV based on your specific needs, such as relieving a hangover, rehydrating after illness, or preventing premature aging. Drip IV Bars are convenient since they offer premade IV mixes.

An IV infusion may take up to 45 minutes to complete. You can go about your business while the drip bag is in use. A technician will insert a needle into your arm and connect it to the IV bag while you relax. The fluids slowly trickle down the IV line and into the bloodstream, allowing the IV components to be quickly absorbed. This may indicate that you have a quick therapeutic response.

Getting an IV infusion is quick and easy; you may do it on your lunch break or on the way home from work. You may be able to charge your phone and refill your water bottle at no cost while using IV lounge’s facilities.

Going to an IV cocktail bar might give you the sense of being in a high-end retail establishment or a luxurious spa. Some of these businesses provide memberships that guarantee a set number of IV treatments each month, while others may host special events or supply IVs for parties for an additional price. Intravenous therapy costs vary from patient to patient and facility based on variables such as geography, patient care requirements, and the availability of optional add-ons.

Benefits Of Drip Bars

IV Bars are not only an opportunity to sit and relax, but they also promote health and wellness to the user. If these points didn’t convince you yet, here are some additional reasons why you should consider IV Bars. 

Provided By Medical Experts

When you get an infusion from us, you can rest assured that it will be given by a doctor and a medical staff with experience giving IV medications. Based on the patient’s health and medical history, the right IV drip bag is selected. The well-being of our patients is our utmost priority; therefore, we watch them at all times and pay meticulous attention to minor details. We have a medical supervisor who oversees the staff so that you know professionals are providing your care with the necessary expertise.

Wide Variety Of IV Cocktails

We can treat a wide assortment of medical conditions. Some clients seek our services to get back on their feet as soon as possible after dealing with health issues, jet lag, or hangovers. Our clients frequently rely on us to help them manage chronic conditions like migraines. Many athletes we work with to prepare for significant events count on us to ensure they don’t dehydrate before the big event. Vitamins and medications can be added to your IV fluids to meet your unique needs.


Drip bar IV therapy is not a new idea, even though it may sound futuristic. Most people picture themselves at a medical facility when they think about getting an intravenous line (IV). However, in recent years, the supply of clinics offering IV therapy has increased to meet the surging demand. The popularity of IV bars and lounges, where patrons can seek treatment for various medical concerns in a chill atmosphere, has increased in recent years.


If you’re interested in learning more about whether or not IV Bars are suitable for you, contact Lips and Drips. We offer the best IV vitamin therapy in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area. To set up your no-cost initial consultation, please contact us or call (215) 914-3200 or submit the online form immediately.


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